Forgery is not  treated always as a crime in Kerala even thogh it is a defined offence as per Indian Penal code((Act No 45 of1860.); the operation of this code extends to whole of India as per law But the  prosecution  agencies of kerala. out of fear or favour refrain from  taking judicial proceedings against  high notch  persons of the sovereign authority of this state.This selective prosecution violates the concept of equal protection of law guaranteed in the Constitution of India.It is very disturbing that the rigour of rule of law mercilessly visits the poor and  weak but the powerful and rich are  treated with kidgloves

Penalising the act of. forgery is the legal manifestation of the upanishadic motto of our civilisation-Satyamena jayathe-the words that illumine the altar of justice of Bharath. But there are instances aberration in delivery of  justice because of  reliance on untruths and foprged documents submitted to judicial forums. This narrator brings to the fore such ian instance of miscarriage of justice(Thanks submitting a documetting with the forged signature of the the Chief Secretary Sri EK  Bharath Bhushan before the Kerala Administrative Chaired byJustice Sri K Balakrishna Nair by an additional Secretary of Finance Department,Kerala Govt got dismissed the claim of the 5 lakh state Govt' employees' claim for salary for ther strike period of 32 days  s in the year 2002)The full story of the manner in which Govt obtained a favourable judgement in a fraudulent manner is  narrated in the letter to the then Chief Secretary                                                                                        As the then chief Secretary sri  Bharath   Bhushan was least bothered on marking his signature by some one else, he had not acted as per law to uphold the honour and integrity of his office,a representtion to the then Governor Smt Sheila Dikshit was made by this narrator,She ignored this representation in the light of the fact govt in is in advantage as a favourable judgement was obtained to govt eventhough the method adopted was of stealth and fraud. Main issue in this case, in which course of justice was subverted by filing a counter affidavit  marking  a forged  signature of the Chief Secretary by an Additional Secretary of Finance Department,on the matter of the payment of salary for the32 day sstrike period  of state govt employees of kerala during the year 2002..This fraud might be ignored as it was done for "Sovereign interest." of deceiving a judicial body..

            In contrast to the above scenerio of extra ordinary leniency of the authorities in Govt towards an Additional Secretary to Government in Finance Deprtment of Kerala,Sri V.T.Reghunath Special Judge,Narcotics& psychotropic Drugs Act,Thoupuzha was compulsorily retired from service as he was found to have"forged  the signature of the landlord" and" claimed rent for accomodation"THE HINDU DAILY dated  April 4,,2015 had prominently reported this matter.This poor delinquent judge lost his job because of a moment of indescretion and unwisdom in his judicial life.But the document. mentioned with the forged signature is part of the records of the Kerala Administrative Tribunal: the inaction and silence of  the authorities in this grave matter points to their connivance in this fraud.

       In this context it will be unfair and unpatriotic  not to mention the mega fraud committed by the top notch authorities of Kerala during the period from 1967 upuntil august 2004 related to the fraud on the basic document of the foundation our nation-THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA-by allowing politicians to rule the people of Kerala on a forged and seditious oath/ffirmation of office  No other authorities of India so far had not dared to commit  a fraud of this dimension.But state of Kerala has  awarded to itself this dubious distinction.What is most disturbing to the present democtatic minded citizens of this state of kerala is that the then governor of Kerala Justice Sukhdev Singh Kang administered a forged oath of office of minister's of state to Sri AK Antony and his colleagues  during the month of august 2001. This forged oath was ugly and seditious as the oath contained a promise that they will rule thev people" without love" instead of" without favour" The then Chief Secretary V Krishna moorthy and General Administration Principal Secretary were primarily responsible for tthis act of forgery and sedition..Perhaps,if they had forged the signature of the landlord and claimed rent for residential accomodation they might have been compulsorily retired from All India Service and a huge fine was imposed as awarded in the case of the above Sub judge.But the legal wrong of sedition committed by the above All indiaService officers will hang around their neck till their death.Sober minded people may wonder why the status of the signature of a landlord is not accorded to the Constitution of India-a document adopted by We the; people after an epic struggle against a mighty colonial power ,in which supreme sacrifices were made by great patriots of  India







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