Obama the 21st century Abraham Lincoln

                             At the old senate office of Obama,there were three framed photographs behind him of- Martin Luther King Jr,’Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi(the only non- Amirican.For him Gandhi  represented love and truth,Lincoln the spirit of democracy and Martin Luther Jr the passion for emanicipation.On the inauguration day of his presidency itself he flaunted his commitment to the value of truth  and spirit for democracy and rule of law.After the unfortunate goof up committed by Chief Justice John Roberts while delivering  the oath, during the solemn ceremony of oath taking on Tuesday,21’st day of 2008,resulting in a silly variation in the sequence of words of the as per constitutional oath of USA,Obama retook the next day the oath strictly in accord with the text of oath prescribed by Constitution. He eloquently showed  to the entire world that American president shall be a model to all power wielding leaders of the world in upholding the rule of law in the most absolute terms.The truth of ‘we the people” of political America is its Constitution.A statesman and consummate democrat to the core like Abraham Lincoln only will correct  slight and insignificant  and inconsequential mistake in oath, on which protest  was very feeble among legal circles in America. No false ego or absurd prestige  came in his way in the do-over of oath.This is testimony to the fact that he as President of America by  the people is always for the people and of the people  in upholding their mandate in the Constitution with imperturbable and invincible devotion.

            Article II, section1, of American Constitution,before the American President enter on the execution office he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." ’

                                               The chief Justice John Roberts moved the word”faithfully” back nine spots,and used”to”instead “of” while administering the oath. On Tuesday Obama was sworn in with his palm on the same velvet-covered Bible used by Lincoln in 1861,but he had no Bible with him at the rerun of oath  on Wednesday.In this oath Obama prepositioned his faith in American Constitution in the right slot fixed by the Founding fathers of american nation.The soal Abraham Lincoln might have rejoiced at this momentof spectacular honesty.                                                                   

In the Ramayana story of Valmiki Sita, wife of Rama had to undergo trial by fire to prove to the World her fidelity after her custody under the demon-king Ramana for many days.Sita walked through the flames unharmed due to her innate radiance. Rama never a moment doubted her purity. But being a king he had a duty to satisfy the minds of his subjects on this issue. Similarly the retake of oath by Obama was to avoid any adverse in future from public




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